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Working while abroad

Non manual / clerical work is covered for free, if you'll be volunteering, WWOOFing or partaking in any sort of manual labour - our Activity Pack can cover you.

Extend cover from Overseas

If at any point you realise you're not quite ready to return home, you can extend your insurance to include the remainder of your trip. Even if you don't have a Policy with us.

Available when already abroad

You don't need to be in your Home Country to get cover, you can buy a policy from anywhere in the world, as long as you're residential status is still in the UK or EU.

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Home Visits covered

If policy duration is over 4 months: You can put your travels on hold and return home at any time, even if it's not necessary and you're just a bit homesick. We have no limits, so you can be back for as long as you like.

No return ticket required

You don't need to know when you'll be returning home to get cover. So if you're on an open ended trip, or emigrating, we can cover you.

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Cover for 120+ Activities

Whether you'll be scuba diving, mountain biking, jet skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving or kayaking. Our Activity Packs can cover various levels of adventurous sports.


64 Activities covered

24 hour Emergency

Up to £10m Medical

Claim while still

Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpacker travel insurance is available to anyone under the age of 69 who want to spend an extended period travelling around the world, or living abroad for a few months. Also, ideal if you are on a working visa to Australia or on IEC Canada program or any other country.

Like any good travel insurance policy, it covers things like accidents, illness, loss of baggage, theft, cancellations, travel delays etc.

Our backpacker insurance can be taken out for up to 24 months and covers over 64 sports and activities as standard. These can be extended by opting to include our additional Activity Pack or Extreme Activity Pack, meaning you'll be covered for a wide range of additional sports & activities, such as black water rafting, paragliding & sky diving. Winter Sports can also be covered with one of our Winter Sports add-ons. You can find out the full list of sports we cover here.

Scuba diving Insurance


What’s more, if your policy runs out you can easily extend it online and even buy a new policy if you are already travelling uninsured. Oh, and if you get homesick and would like to come back to see the folks, you can do that too, if your policy is over 4 months long you can come home as many times as you like for as long as you like.



Key Features of the Big Cat Travel Insurance for Premier policy:

  • Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses up to £10 million.
  • Cover duration of up to 24 months.
  • Free Home visits.
  • Policy Extensions whilst still travelling.
  • 120+ Sports and Activities.
  • Claims whilst Travelling.
  • Winter Sports Cover.

Some more information:

Home visits are allowed if your policy duration is 4 months or more. There are no limits, you can come home as many times as you like, for as long as you like.

To add any of our Activity Packs, just follow the Quote form - to stage 3 - there you will find all of the optional extras.

Non-manual/clerical work is covered automatically with a Big Cat policy. So, there’s nothing you need to add to be covered for things like teaching, caring or nursing.

With the Activity Pack, we can also cover work of a more manual nature. This can include things like WWOOFing, partaking in community or wildlife based conservation work, charity based supervised building / renovation projects or other permitted manual work (defined below).

Cover is excluded for any activity that involves the use of industrial machinery (other than tractors) or non-domestic power tools.

As Bar work is classed as Permitted Manual Work, you will need the Activity Pack to be covered  – even if you’re just pouring drinks!

The Activity Pack will also cover you for a load of other things, see the list here.

WWOOfing is classed as Permitted Manual Work, so with the Activity Pack, you’re covered.

(see above)

Means WWOOFing, fruit picking, casual farm work or bar work. Permitted Manual Work is not covered if it involves the use of plant/trade/industrial/agricultural machinery (other than tractors) or non-domestic power tools.

Decide Canada’s not for you, and want to return earlier than your full period of insurance?

Other insurers will tell you to wave goodbye to your money, but Big Cat lets you claim a partial premium refund for the unused time you didn’t stay in Canada.


How does the EARLY RETURN REFUND work?

Let’s say you buy a 24 month policy to cover your time in Canada. But after nine months, you decide that Canada’s not for you, and you want to return home. You may have invested a substantial amount for your 24 month Big Cat policy, most of which you’ll now no longer need. Unlike most insurers, Big Cat is happy to offer you a partial refund on the redundant portion of your insurance as a fair’s fair consolation.


How does Big Cat calculate the amount of EARLY RETURN REFUND?

We take the length of time of the original policy and subtract the actual amount of time you have used, and pay out the difference, deducting a £50 Cancellation Charge.


Are there other conditions that apply to my EARLY RETURN REFUND?

  1. We are not able to offer refunds to cover the first 6 months of the policy.
  2. No refund can be given on a policy where a claim has been made prior to the cancellation of your Big Cat  policy.
  3. You must be back in your home country and notify us by email of your wish to cancel the policy within 14 days of your arrival.


Can you give an example of how much I could receive back in my EARLY RETURN REFUND?

Say you took out a 24 month budget IEC policy costing £429.54, then you wish to cancel the policy after 9 months. Our 9 month policy costs £199. So we deduct £199 from £429.54 = £230.54.

Then we apply the £50 Cancellation Charge, refunding you a total of £180.54.

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